Saturday, 3 August 2013

Mobile Social Media Engagement

According to a recent  market study  by Google  undertaken  by  two Europe  based research corporation   in  March  2012 ,  it  was found   that   a majority of smartphone users ,  based  in the Asia  Pacific  region  in  countries  like Singapore ,Hongkong ,  Australia, China and Japan were  all accessing mobile social media  almost daily  , among which  China has the highest rate  of mobile social media  connectivity with  almost  68% of the mobile user reportedly accessing  social media via their  mobile  device on a  day to day basis during year   2012.

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Chinese consumers use social media for many reasons including connecting socially, entertainment, news and services.   It is estimated that  China's active smartphone now exceeds the total number  in  the United States  and  China will have 500 million smartphones in use by the end of 2013.This data  imply  the huge demand  will  spurs  new  media  platform   ,apps marketplace  and entertainment  spending   and  will  drive   new development of more efficient  products  that  will have  will have new  global consequences.  The mobile  Industry,  beside  smartphone  including  other  tablets device will drive brand awareness, location Based services , product review , price comparison, epayments for both online and  over the counter ewallet transactions, and further also increase  the  distribution and sharing  of  interesting content via mobile social media 

Mobile Geosocial Statistic

Smartphone  will therefore  be the  key to the future of mobile  internet usage, typically in  China, it  has already seen  their monster ecommerce site  like the Taobao and  even Sina Weibo   restructuring  their  company  to  focus   and  embrace   mobile influenced technology  and  setting  forth  their  total company  to enhance  their understanding of  different mobile resources  like ;   m.commerce ,mobile gaming ,mobile banking ,  mobile search  and  many forthcoming technologies  , a shift  they both see as a necessity  in order  for  them  to stay in the forefront   to  benefit this mega influx of smartphone  which  is taking the world by storm  allowing  more users to browse  online via smartphones than laptops and PCs.
This “  Mobile First – Attitude” may  soon be the norm keyword  and growth agenda  on  major corporation‘s  agenda as  it signify a profound revolution bigger  than any other  events in this era as  it  poses to almost every marketing professional a challenge  to close up  the mobile monetization gaps , as  many service provider  has yet  to capitalize  on  the mismatch between the growth in mobile usage and mobile monetization.
Mobile Social Media  is an explosively  powerful way to  reach out to customer  to influence customer  and friends to take action towards brand ,product and service.  Advertisement engaging through mobile social media  on   mobile phones has always been one of the most popular business models practiced regardless of the  different platforms  and  media  properties  and  readily marketers with   advertisers have moved into tapping into this advertising opportunity with  integration of  placing  adverts on mobile properties such as mobile optimized sites and mobile apps.

Mobile Social Media Intelligence 

 Google and Facebook  has  indicated the vast majority of their  revenue is from mobile advertising/search across platforms. All the major search engine and multimedia corporation recognize such  revenue opportunities with mobile  apps, music, videos, books, etc.
 In recent months Facebook restructured  to  focus  on  mobile  influenced  opportunities for mobile revenue  with integrating new features functional for Page post ads, Promoted Posts and app install ads. These are all directly incorporated into the feed, and advertisers  are seeing higher clickthroughs and engagement with these functional feed
Traffic , traffic , traffic , That’s   where   all  the  Advertisers know  is  the best place to display their ads is , and  with  billion  of mobile devices on a global scale  , it is definitely where  the traffic  will be  and  that is where Mobile Monetization  will take  place 

Websites accessed by mobile browsers and mobile apps used across all platforms are key drivers in the world of mobile monetization.  Advertisers are also  given  now  the  accessibility  to   promote their products and or services across particular  niches  that  contain the demographic  that they  wish to directly  target. These are the New trend shift   provided  by mobile  geosocial  campaigns that are targeting mobile websites and mobile apps as a tool for their promotion. Venue ads, coupon  redemption and  sms marketing  are now being implemented  into  their  mobile  optimized marketing  campaign. . This implies that there are still plenty  of  opportunities that are yet to be exploited and as  mobile phones are beginning to be just as effective as desktops but  yet more portable. Therefore, it is not surprising to see this trend continue with more effort being put into mobile monetization using  mobile  media content  with  customer engagement through  Mobile Social Media engagement

Phone’s Mobility and Portability can yet to beSuperseded by Desktop features .

 The  New Hot Gangnam issue ,  was  that the amount of people accessing the world wide web  via their mobile devices will exceed PC users by 2015 in the United States, followed by the Western Europe.
Recent Analysts  report from  IDC states that the number of people using the web through a personal computer in the U.S  will decrease  average about  15 million users from 240 million to 225 million in  next 3 years.  While  , Not surprising , the number of mobile users will grow from 174 million to 265 million over the same period , a  big increase   of 91 million  for the same period of  3 years  duration  . This trend is expected to be followed in other parts of the world – for instance especially in western europe , and  in  the pacific  rim countries  towards  the greater China .

As  the mobile  agenda arises  ;analyst claim that at the same time the mobile advertising throughout the world  will increase from $6 billion last year to $28 billion in Next  3 years.With smartphones’ sales  becoming  more widespread, the growth  situation will remain the same in major  countries , if not more  , so in both the  third world   and  new emerging markets where  users  starts to switch from feature phones to the Smartphone  . At this  same time, sales of personal computers are expected to stay lower unless Windows  8 is able to breach a  big  difference making  user to switch their budget to buying  back  Desktop again  but it is not  likely  as  the Phone’s mobility  and portability  can yet to be superseded  by Desktop features .