Saturday, 3 January 2015

Secrets of Famen-si's Underground Palace

The  following is my  review for the  new ebook ; 


The Famen temple is an ancient temple which has existed for several centuries. In 1981 the Chinese government began renovations on the temple. 
These renovations went on for several years, but in 1987, something spectacular happened; a hidden underground palace was discovered right beneath the Famen temple. This underground palace was actually a crypt with steps leading to three chambers. Inside those chambers were treasures like the modern world had not seen in a very long time. A careful record of the treasures had been placed along with the items and from the record it was discovered that the crypt had been sealed and had remained unopened for over a thousand years. This alone was exciting but it was not until the record was carefully examined that excitement hit the modern world.

Buried with the treasures and enshrined in items bearing exquisite craftsmanship was the only remaining finger bone of Buddha, referred to as the sarira or the True Body. Where the relic came from and how it got there is fully explained in this book. 

Short read ebook : Excites 

The Science of Living Rich with Frugality

Frugality Wisdom with  the right mindset will focus  Wealth as Thought and Not things ,
as most meaningful manifestation of frugality is in the use of our time, our words, our thoughts and our actions.
Hongkong  Tycoon Mr Li once told his son: “My apple tastes different to yours. It tastes much better.
That is because when I was a little boy, I passed by fruit stands, and I had no money to buy any fruit.”
He  further elaborates ;
“Observing billionaires spending their money, we learn a lesson in living:

Life can be designed . Careers can be planned .Happiness can be prepared .
When you  are poor ,  try  spend less time at  home and more time outside .
When you are rich ,stay  at home  more and less  out side .
This  is the art of living with frugality .
When  you are poor spend money on others .
When you’re rich spend money on yourself.
When one is poor be good to others , When one is rich, one must learn to let others be good to you .
You have to learned to be good to yourself better.

Living Rich 

When you are poor , you have to  throw yourself out in the open and
let people make good use of you

When you are rich , you have to conserve yourself well and don’t  let people make use of you.

You do not need  to be afraid of being poor , you need to know how to invest in yourself
and increase your wisdom  and stature .

Social Mobile World - China Connects: Reaching Out , Engaging Anyone , Anytime , Anywhere

Today, the World has started embracing the fact that Mobile Social Media provides a real-time experience.
It utilizes both the processing and mobility advantage which smartphones offer.

Real-time experience means that we can reach out and engage with friends, associates and customers at any time,
anyplace at anywhere without constraints. Consumers are sharing information and, at the same time, gaining immense knowledge
at a faster speed. This is thanks to the services like text messaging, tweets, social media posts.
Social  Mobile World - China Connects 

The world is witnessing a shift in how people
discover and share information using mobile internet enabled devices worldwide and typically  the Greater China  which is  raging  at  high  speed

The Social, Digital and Mobile Ecosystem in China is unlike anywhere else on earth.

Understanding what makes online users tick can often be a fine line between achieving  humongous mind boggling
growth or  big digital investments which lead to nothing.

The easy access of the Internet on smartphones and other mobile devices has changed the way people communicate and consume
information. It has created new ways of information dissemination and consumption; and it is still on its way to creating new ones.
These allow consumers to make more and more quickly and informed decisions based on real-time datas on-the-go.

 What does this mean for businesses and enterprises throughout the World?

As consumers start to adapt to the power of mobile devices, it will cause a domino effect on every economy and starts to transform.
It will adapt to the new mobile technologies which has proven to be challenging.
Mobile social media technologies have proven to be highly effective and valuable when consumed on the go and especially whenever and wherever businesses are concerned.